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Scrub Daddy Original

Scrub Daddy Original Front Adjusted.png

FlexTexture ® scrubbing tool

The power is in your hands. Scrub Daddy is soft, compressible, and more absorbent in warm water. Put him in cold water, he's firm and can remove stubborn debris in many cases with water alone.



Tested on over 20 surfaces not to scratch. Including Acrylic, Car Exterior Paint, Ceramic, Chrome, Glass, Granite, Non-stick Coating, Stainless Steel, Wood and many more.


Not just a smiling face

He's cute alright, but that's not the only reason to love that happy face. He quickly and easily cleans both sides of serving spoons and utensils in on motion.


Food particles easily rinse out with a few squeezes under clean, warm water. FlexTexture® dries within an hour, so it won't mould. Plus it's independently lab tested to not hold odours for up to 8 weeks

Looks and smells great


360 degree scrubbing

Scrub Daddy's eyes hold onto you, so you'll never run into a hard-to-reach place again. His circular shape lets you clean the sides and bottom of containers at the same time. You also have extra reach into tall glasses of vases, as your hands don't get in the way.

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